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What if God was one of us give to them?

Finally my brethren be Strong in the Lord.

Ephesians 6:10

Be strong in the lord and the power of his might.

Thomas answered and said unto Him, My Lord and my God.

We, Warriors for Christ want to thank all of you that have helped this year.


4-14- 2014

John Deane & Pam Deane get called for higher calling to the Churchs & communities as Apostle to try to get the funds to build the Mission & help homeless, and to begin to start his mission work in Africa. Apostle agrees to help the one stop in the City of Gainesville FL. in the late summer 2014 to help homelss. This month homelss must get out of woods as we try to help them go to the one stop we, will need the help of the church's. they need a place to stay and job's please give us a call to help. call the center leave mesg. 352-246-6623 God bless.


Give thanks pray for our leaders and those in the City and the body of Christ.

Apostle does work in Africa with his wife.

I thank the lord for all that he is doing in my life.

I just hope that the world will see the light of Christ and them in the Usa & them in the body of Christ. Great times with his wife as he feeds her the word she feeds him food.


Warriors for Christ needs funds for the new Pastor's We, ask for some one in the communities to help us 352-246-6623.

Warriors for Christ - an inter denominational mission reaching out to the poor, the homeless, and the imprisoned.
We are currently working in the Crescent communities not only to feed the homeless, but also to begin a Regeneration Program. The vision is to get the homeless off the streets and lead them to a fulfilled life through learning in Christ, training for jobs and obtaining a GED or other certifications. A house is needed and the body of christ to help run the first house if the lord puts it on your heart call us We, need your help.

We, Need Your Help.

We, Warriors help with training the homeless training them to get a Job. if you are a company praise the lord help us to show them the way by giving us jobs for the work to give them day labor.

Pray For Warriors for Christ and its body 2014 Downtown Feeding of the Homeless. Helping Them to Get Job's Heavens Tree trimming.llc. & Warriors help's by giving them a hand up not a hand out, and day labor So they Can Get A Job in the Crescent Communities, Heavens Tree Trimming is owned 50% by Warriors for Christ..and its members.
As We Work with the city and others to show the love of Christ that there is hope.

Heavens tree Trimming is asking for work to help keep Homeless working doing day labor so if you need tree service please call or if you need handyman repairs 352-246-6623.

Warriors for Christ

Needs to get help from the Church's if each Church will give $40.00 a month. the group can move forward by helping each case Sunday after service at down town plaza. We, the board members want help by give a hand up showing them way's to help them self. Fund's will go to feeding them and how to get self help kit's.

Be a light to build the kingdom help us to give glory to God.

Downtown Plaza, Sundays at 4 to 6 pm
Warriors for Christ moves forward to work with other groups and the city of Gainesville in the community to feed the homeless. We will need your help in accomplishing this. Please donate money or cans of food . Volunteers to help with feeding would also be appreciated. Please call 246-6623 for more information or make an online donation.

We need your help in doing this work for which we all have been commissioned. You can help in any of three ways:

We need your financial support. Most of the projects we undertake require some outlay of cash.

We need your back. Mission work is often dirty, hard labor. We need people willing to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of these forgotten people.

We need your talent. It is always a job to do for someone willing to work in spreading the Word. It could be on the telephone, fund raising, etc.

We need sponsors for Pastor John Deane, who has been working with Warriors for Christ since 1992 and has still not gotten a salary. We also need sponsorships for various people in need.


“Blesses is he that considereth the poor...”
Psalm 41:1

“When were you thirsty, and I gave you something to drink?”

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Emergency Funds

are needed asap due to the overwhelming amount of homeless people that have been turned away because of cold in the Crescent communities.

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Blankets

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